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Help with DSS rent arrears for landlords and tenants

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We are aware there are times when financial commitments may be stretched. Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions at times compel us to pay other bills, or purchase things instead of paying rent. The issue here is, when we get into debt like this, it tends to affect our well-being as fear, worry and stress set in. 

At Pick My Pad, we have witnessed this over the years whilst guiding our tenants with their rental arrears. Often management agents are seen as interfering and a service not worth investing in. However, we can assure you that here at Pick My Pad, we have helped landlords rake back owed rents that have equalled into tens of thousands of pounds. We enjoy helping not only the landlords but also the tenants, ensuring support with managing their finances by setting up payment plans and creating strong bonds with individuals.

The government has created a system where Universal Credit is paid directly to the tenant. In some cases, this has worked out well while in other cases it has led to the landlords struggling to retrieve their DSS rent. Pick My Pad have a highly experienced team with a wealth of knowledge in dealing with tenancy arrears and communicating with the complex systems of the council

If you are a new landlord and do have a preference involving prospective tenants –  for example, tenants on benefits which is almost a guaranteed rent, or a working family – consider the following;

  • where your property is in terms of proximity to work and commuting connections
  • are you asking for the right rent and looking for the right kind of tenant?
  • your price of rental against the market
  • the décor of your property and who you are aiming at
  • if you’re using an agent to let your property, have you given them a criteria as to who you are looking for?

How can Pick My Pad help with DSS rent arrears?

Good, reliable tenants can be hard to come by. Finding a good one can be time consuming but setting out your stall well will pay dividends. Finding the necessary estate agent is also very important as there are many out there that are great at selling their services but don’t often have the substance to back it up. At Pick My Pad we can safely say we are not only keen on being your chosen estate agent but have the knowledge and experience to deal with any eventualities. 

You don’t need to be one of our landlords or tenants, at Pick My Pad we are available to anyone with queries or questions about managing rent arrears. Please send an email to or call 0161 790 3999 for a no obligation chat, we are here to help.

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