Holding Deposit

Holding Deposit

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We charge one weeks rent as a holding deposit for all new tenancy applications. You MUST sign the “Holding Deposit Agreement” which is a 15 working day agreement that allows all the necessary checks and actions to be completed by the tenant and agent.

If a tenancy applicant fails to do any of the following, you will lose your holding deposit.

If you the new tenant, provide misleading information which results on the tenancy not going ahead
If you the new tenant, fail the right to rent check
If you the new tenant, fail to take all reasonable steps to enter an agreement when the landlord and/or agent has done so
If the tenant/applicant withdraws from the application they will forfeit the full holding fee

If we decide to retain the holding deposit for any of the above reasons, we will write to you, the tenant, at the address you have provided within 7 working days of this decision.